25 thoughts on “Ezequiel Lavezzi – El Pocho™ – HD

  1. when did i say we were shit i said were not having the best time, but we still manage to beat man u easy.

  2. @GilstonRyanKtM, i’ll admit where not in the best place at the minute, but once fergie has a cardiac arrest whilst wanking over rooney on the pitch, man u will crumble

  3. @GilstonRyanKtM, all i’m going to say is 5. compared to your pathetic 3, had a chance to make it 4 but instead got embarrased, not to worry anywayz, 5 YNWA,

  4. @rasspusen i answered it because it made me laugh how pathetic it was! and i am aren’t i 😛

  5. @rasspusen Thanks ‘mate’. I have better things to be doing than talking to some scouser on youtube anyway.

  6. @GilstonRyanKtMe yes yes yes thats what you all say. just spamming tshit to u rival, very pro mate

  7. @rasspusen but you said Welcome to Liverpool like you was expecting that he is going to them, and im saying that he would never go to a Liverpool when he is easy capable of being a first team player in the champions league, also i wouldn’t describe City as a top club. Man Utd Yes, Barca Yes, Real Madrid Yes Man City… NO. okay rant over lol

  8. @GilstonRyanKtM all i say is he would fit great and get to play matches instead of warming ass at the bench. like he probably would if he go to city or another top club

  9. @rasspusen i think he would want champions league football, which at liverpool, he won’t get… and yeah that’s affensive coming from a scouser…

  10. @rasspusen are you mad?! why would a player with his kind of skills go to a place like liverpool?!

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