24 thoughts on “Chivu OWNS Messi

  1. @ghostMI305 took two boxes to come back ? i hope word “sicko” did not hurt your feelings .. lol anyways messi got owned by chivu and fifa is corrupted.

  2. @mhd86
    oh and messi won the ballon dor. he pretty much has the upper hand on every professional footballer on the planet. it is testament enough that u people give so much attention to a defender being able to stop messi, because u kno how its nearly impossible to stop the kidd

  3. @mhd86
    LMAO sack up. this is a mans sport. volleyball is on another channel. u cant handle the contact nancy? u act like the guy is debilitated for the rest of his life… hes a fuckin professional athlete hes more physically capable than u. the headgear is just protection. should we refrain from making comments about groin cups as well? because i was going to call u a jock strap but im afraid u might cry.

  4. @ghost41510 his injury amuses you you fucking sicko ?! yes messi got owned by chivu ..

  5. @Flamur1Be you see this video now watch c.ronaldo fails
    Visca Barca Messi number 1

  6. have u found out when you write messi fail it only comes up video games lol messis a legend

  7. no … getting owned is having to wear head gear for the rest of ur career.

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