25 thoughts on “Chivu Punshed Rossi

  1. “I’m pretty sure american football is the sport that real men play.” yeah mate cause real men play in pads and helmets.
    all about rugby.

  2. @DarkBlitz125 you’re just pissed that america hates soccer and we’re still good at it. and fuck those sports, i’m pretty sure American Football is the sport that real men play.

  3. dirty basterd. If he was slightly knocked on the leg he would be rolling round like a little bitch but its ok for him to punch an other player. I would love to smash his face in then shit on his head the CUNT.

  4. @aHoriZonT1 American Sports have become no different than Dancing with the Stars. Did you see the superbowl halftime show? What a joke. Where did the passion for sports go in North America?

  5. I’m a A.S.Roma supporter. I know that Jonson said “Fuck Bastard Italian”. If it is true, I would have reacted like Gattuso, because he offended an entire country, but “Rino” reaction was wrong, especially because you was saw by all over Europe. Then I think that Jonson is, in my language, “un coglione”…a jerk.

    Roma, stasera vinci per noi! —> A.S.Roma, win for us tonight!

  6. @Fleedling Julio Cesar from brazil he used to live a warm place thats why he use that black thing

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