Cristian Chivu has finally decided to hang his boots. The Romanian defender who had been out of action since a long time because of being injured made the announcement yesterday.

Chivu’s contract with the Italian club Inter Milan was going to expire at the end of the ongoing season, but, there were no chances of the player getting fit in time to play even one match for the club. So, both the parties reached an agreement and the contract was terminated a couple of months before its completion.

Chivu played for Inter Milan for a long period of time. He joined the club in 2007 after leaving Roma and soon became one of the key players for them. He did struggle with fitness problems during his time over there, but, he made some significant contributions for the club over the years.

Announcing his retirement, Chivu said, “I think the time is perfect for me to call it a day. I would take this opportunity to show my gratefulness to the various clubs that I have been a part of during my career. If they had not given me the chances, I would perhaps not have been able to go this far ahead as a player.”

“I am very happy with the fact that I managed to make my parents proud with my efforts on the field. It’s certainly the end of a very interesting phase of my life, but, another interesting phase is about to begin as I look forward to spend much more time with my family in future.”

Chivu represented 5 different clubs during his career and performed decently well for all of them. He had a wonderful international career too. He played 75 matches for his country Romania and scored 3 goals.