The Romanian football player, Cristian Chivu, has said that he is delighted by the renewal of his contract with Internazionale. Cristian was not able to perform too well in the last season of Italian Series A. So, there were talks that he would probably leave the club after his contract gets completed. But, this doesn’t happen. The Romanion star said that it would be so nice to play for Internazionale again. As per Chivu, there were no doubts in his mind about signing the contract again and the reports of him leaving the club were just rumors.

Chivu said that the new coach of Inter has promised him that he would be given the chance to play as central defender in the upcoming season. He said that centre back is his specialized position and he feels pretty comfortable playing in that position. On being asked about the poor performance of the team in the last season, he said that sometimes a poor season is essential to make the team understand the importance of a victory. As Per Chivu, when you win continuously, you tend to be a bit complacent. So, sometimes, a wake up call is necessary. He said that winning is a habit and it’s necessary to win consistently. You can’t be inconsistent in your performances at such a podium.

Chivu said that there are quite a few young players in the team and they would get valuable assistance from the experienced players. He said that it is necessary not to do the same mistakes which were committed in the previous season. On being asked about his personal targets, Chivu said that it is pretty unfair to focus on the personal goals in a team game. He said that the team comes first and team’s better performance in the upcoming season would be the primary goal.