13 thoughts on “Chivu – The Prince of East Europe

  1. @MagicBall10 it has been 2 years and you never remake this video?? I don’t want to wait for 2 more years man :(.

  2. Watch my video tribute for romanian player CATALIN HALDAN died on the pitch..

  3. Best defender in the world no doubt about it! Captain of Ajax at 20 years old! Roma, Inter and i hope Real Madrid!

  4. one of them is oasis – wonderwall
    I want to know the name of the other songs too

  5. No Doubt that Chivu is europes most gifted defender. Probably not the best, but surely the most gifted. He is way more gifted and talented than many brazilians out there.

  6. Oh of course Chivu is a great Defender one of the best ones, if you ask me who it is the best left footed defender, no doubt that Chivu is the best one. Talking from the video, Yes. I need to remake it, and also correct the audio but anyway thanks 😉

  7. he’s also my best defender… I live in milan and i am an INTER fan… I think you have to remake this video with better images and better sound (it’s horrible)… then it will be 5 stars… although chivu is my favourite player in inter, he is brilliant…

  8. I’m Sure that Romania will do a fantastic euro on this year, yes. I know that Romania is in a difficult Group Satge, but Impossible is nothing my friend. Chivu and Mutu will make your nation happy 🙂

  9. very nice video, how emotional can him lifting that trophy be when you can picture there is a 1 in 16 chance he could bring tears to every Romanian football fan’s eyes lifting it for euro..

  10. Thanks anyway I appreciate your opinion. Yes, I used too much effect on that part. Well I hope that you like my video. Take Care.

  11. Chivu is really a great defender … but nothing on Inter ??? and i think you have used too much effects on 02:25 , i couldn’t see a thing

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