25 thoughts on “Chivu Vitesse-Ajax Free kick

  1. fijne voetballer, fijne kerel, positief in de kleedkamer … als je die terug weet te halen dan heeft dat n veel positievere invloed dan ene mido

  2. deze gozer heeft me alleen maar geรฏspireerd in het voetbal en hij blijft voor altijd mijn idool en in mijn hart.
    ik was bij zijn afscheid in de arena en ik kreeg gewoon tranen in mijn ogen omdat hij weg ging

  3. @TechGuyatNY he’s good at inter too, he’s just not as much of a “headline grabber” so to speak because he doesn’t take free kicks anymore (which is a shame to be honest)

  4. In Inter the italian people threated him not very well ,the italian people are kindda rasist with romanian …. They called him gipsy and etc that is why Chivu was not playing good in Italy

  5. Barcelona should get him. He is a geat defender, and a real commander in the field. And after Barca, he is very welcome in Amsterdam, AJAX.

  6. best captain in the world, better leadership and charisma than the likes of gerrard and fabregas

    dunno whats up with him in inter but he was god with ajax and roma

  7. I signed Chivu for Manchester united on pro evo 6 and didn’t know who he was. After seeing this he will be taking my free kicks from now on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Chivu it’s not just a great player but also a great character and it’s a model to fallow for many children , at least in Roumania !

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