25 thoughts on “Chivu

  1. @roozbehbey Well he should not have said to the media he was Roma for life, before making a move to Inter for money…no loyalty from this fucking traitor

  2. @reniisgod traitor ? why would he stay in roma , where he can win everything with inter ? haha u make me laugh kid .

  3. the best;)…chivu….is….a “”romanian””””si pentru astia straini care nu intelegeti e roman si are sange in coaie;)

  4. @mafiaworldgta Get it out cocksnot, ill meet ya any time, any place an knock your fuck ya little dweeb

  5. Madrid qeu me la chupe a mi y a Chivu no van a ver ellos 1 defensor de tanta calidad como Chivu
    quedaros con C .Ronaldo y Kaka Barca si es 1 equipo no como los desordonados de Madrid vaya tela con la pasta que se gastaron …..

  6. sa le dau la bot la totii romanii =))))prea mik echipa pt chivu ๐Ÿ˜‰

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