25 thoughts on “Euro 2008 – Romania vs France Christian Chivu gives his view

  1. traditore verso chi ti ha dato la fama e tolta la merda dal culo
    i tifosi che una volta ti osannavano
    con quel gesto verso di loro ti sei dimostrato che sei un niente!!!!!

  2. You have right , my friend; but don`t forget this: the ROMANIANS shall back again, stronger and more passionated

  3. Romania was my favorite team in 97 98 99 2000 !
    Now they are an average team !

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  5. Hollad Is a Country of creatures and ugly people.Frankestein Comes From Holland.Stuped Team and Stuped Country.They Don`t Deserve To Live in this world

  6. ALL ITALIANS you are sooo overrated itally sucks man world champions come on you are lame its funny how before you said romania and holland out? noqw yyour at our mercy assholes

  7. I like Christian Chivu I’d like to take him out for a pint. Go Romania, the best team in the tournament!

  8. False offside goal + Netherlands letting you win, yeah that is RESPECT hope you people are proud =), but never mind it wont last long anyway!

  9. oooh, so he is from norway! i didn’t notice! by the way, did norway qualify for the final tournament!!!???

  10. this shit team you were unable to defeat in the qualification round you wanna say!?

  11. hey hey retard boy..why you talk like this? you don’t know anythink so it’s better to shut up..and tell me,at what EURO is Norway playing?

  12. aaa..ok.. you support Italians?? that is an explination… frustration;-) good feeling , ha??:-)

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