25 thoughts on “Gerrard the legend

  1. Really cool!! Great combination, Tiësto my fav DJ and Steven G my fav player ever!!
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. Hello, I am a striker for 19 years, and I really want to play outside my country, I play in an amateur team here in my country, but have not signed any contract, please see my videos on my channel on Youtube. grateful now!

  3. what a player …. he got everything , tackling , pass , defending, attacking and goals!!!!

  4. ” During the course of a match you need someone who can stand up and be counted someone who can leave an impression on the game. Steven Gerrard has done just that, we know the name son, we know the name”- Martin Tyler.
    ” Commeth the man, Commeth the moment”. ” During the course of history you get players who get you up and out of your seat, Gerrard is one such player. He is the footballing superman. He can do absolutely anything. Take a bow son, Take a bow”- Andy Gray.
    Name’s Steven Gerrard.

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