25 thoughts on “INTER – Trentino Team 6-1 – Pinzolo 2011.07.14 Inter Channel Highlights

  1. @vart25 He did it not really good, but he’s very jong so he can learn much. He made 15 goals in 32 matches

  2. @Jakeznk how ddi he play at Feyenoord if you could tell me i do understand that he is fine player but did he decide matches well or he was just lucky to score goals as some people say he isnt that great just wanna hear your openion if thats posible

  3. come è strana la maglia dell’inter senza lo scudetto in petto…vabbe lasciamo qualche scudetto anche agli altri mica possiamo vincere sempre noi…

  4. Ricky , Castaignous and Jonathan we will WIN ALL THE TROPHEIS AGAIN you will see just if we belive in INTER

  5. @blade7500 he played well he helped alot did an assist fight with spirit and scored 2 fine goals and if some say he scored easy goals at Feynoord dont belive it he makes easy for others to find him an art of work alvarez did well many yoiung players did as well such as Crisetig Lorenzo otherwise it looks good

  6. inter is full of very good young players for example bessa longo caldirola exc.

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