Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has accused the Red Devils set-up of commitment issues as the team struggles to make as much impact as expected this term.

The Portuguese tactician is obviously frustrated at the players and called them out publicly of recent.

“Smalling doesn’t fell he can play 100 percent with his pain. Shaw told me this morning he was not in the condition to play so we had to build a defensive line. There is a difference between the brave that will be there at any cost and the ones that a little pain can make a difference,” Mourinho said despite the victory against Swansea before the international break.

Mourinho would easily remember when he had players that were ready to go all the way for him during his Porto days. Mourinho had a team that was hungry for success, and it was obvious at the extent that they would go. When Inter Milan did the treble in 2010, the team’s drive, concentration and sacrifice obviously ensured they were crowned champions all over.

Under Mourinho, the team defeated Chelsea, Barcelona and others to write the manager’s name in the history of the club. It remains Mourinho’s finest moment as a coach, and he has admitted it as well.

“We were a team of heroes. We sweated blood. It’s a pity I could not play because I have got the same blood,” Mourinho said after the Barcelona victory.

“I have already won a Champions League but today was even better. We made huge sacrifices,” he added.

With the current crop of players – as painted by Mourinho – it makes it difficult for any real success. He admitted it before supervising any competitive United game. “It would be easier from zero,” said Mourinho.

With the spate of injuries in the team, Mourinho seemed to expect the players to pull a Cristian Chivu. Chivu played with a fractured skull during Inter’s treble win, but the United stars are just a different bunch, according to Mourinho.