Romania will win the Qualification Ticket to 2016 Euro Cup

Romania are well on their way on securing a qualification ticket to the next rounds of the 2016 Euro’s as the nation is currently located at the top of Group F with 10 having been secured and not a single match lost so far. Northern Ireland are following them closely behind with 9 points.

Even with the superb qualification campaign that Romania is going through, their head coach, AnghelIordanescu believes that he could use some additional help and he will try to persuade Mirel Radoi and Stefan Radu on coming out of their international retirement in order to help their country out in this process.

MirelRadoi is a 33 year old defender who retired from playing with Romania back in 2010 but he still remains being an active player as he performs with Al Ahli in the United Arab Emirates meanwhile Stefan Radu is 28 and perform for the Italian side Lazio.

The coach of Romania, AnghelIordanescu stated that he wants to personally meet those players instead of just having a phone call with them as he is really interested in trying to bring those players back to the national team.

“I’m interested in any player who can help the national team. Radoi and Radu proved they’re players who can produce top performances. I want to talk to them but I’ll not have telephone conversations with them. I want to meet them.” Iordanescu told reporters.

Anghel Iordanescu is no stranger to coaching the Romanian national football team as he has already taken charge of the nation on several occasions in the past. Iordanescu managed to push Romania to the quarter-finals of the 1994 World Cup which has been the nation’s best campaign and finish in any major international tournament.