Inter Milan defender Cristian Chivu has said that Inter Milan are suffering from a psychological dip in form, but has said that they will come back stronger than expected. Inter Milan have been one of the surprising teams in the Italian Serie A this season. They began the season with a new manager in one of the worst fashions, as they continually struggled with the threat of relegation during the initial few months of the season.

Following the arrival of former Chelsea and Napoli manager Claudio Ranieri, things improved a lot and they were in a position to once again challenge for top four finish this season. However, since the winter break, things have become once more difficult for the 2010 European Champions.

Inter Milan managed to go 10 games without even managing a single goal, which was finally brought to an end only recently. They were also winless during this stretch of games, which have seen their hopes of qualification for the Champions League evaporate. Despite the continual struggle with the form, Cristian Chivu is of the opinion that Inter Milan will soon be much better in the league. Inter Milan was recently knocked out of the Champions League by Marseille in the last 16 stage.

“We are a great team suffering from a psychological dip and we’re finding it hard to get over it. It’s not easy to deal with a month in which you didn’t win a match or even score a goal. Only in the last game did we show our pride, without playing particularly well though. That’s the starting point for this team, to help us find ourselves again, perhaps with a little less pressure over whether we’ve scored or not,” Cristian Chivu spoke about his team. Cristian Chivu is out of contract at the end of the season.