Chivu Proves That He Is A Warrior

Being 35 years of age Chivu has entered into the league of a versatile defender of Inter Milan and Roman International officially.

When he was 19 years of age he became famous at the age of 19. It was the effort made by Ajax by which he could come Eredivisie Romania. It was in 2002 when he was in the FIFA line up and 18 million Euros was spent bring Chivu and he spent four seasons for Roma from 2003 and 2007 but during the period he was prone to minor injuries.

He is hailed as the tall defender for the Wolves. He has just 6 goals merely for the Betel shirts. At Roma, he triumphed in the Copa Italia and then he joined Inter Milan. He is so skilful as a defender that he can play in any position. All the responsibilities are being taken care of by Chivu. His left foot is powerful and every coach wants him He hits the top most corner of the goal and he had various choices before leaving for Rome. Mourinho was bought in but he did not play as many match in his time. As far as La Grande Inter II is concerned he has proven to be a pivotal role in it. He proved that there is rhythm in his left foot time and again. In the Champions League of 2009 he has played almost 9 matches.

The injuries cost him dearly which made his speed deter and also his potential. He did decide to call it quits at 33. Chivu has tasted all the glory that he wished for in the clubs but to captain Roma was not under his belt. He has called it quits from the career point of view but the fans continue to remember him.