The retired footballer Christian Chivu honors his father

Former Inter Milan defender, Christian Chivu who won the Serie A title on 3 occasions and the UEFA Champions League as well as many other pieces of silverware has recently released an emotional statement in relation to his father who passed away over 15 years ago.

During the professional playing career of Christian Chivu, he went on to perform in clubs such as: Ajax and As.Roma but it was with Inter Milan where the Romanian retiree was able to win some of the toughest competitions in the world of football and establish himself as a top player.

Even during the period of time when Chivu was at the peak of his playing career, he was never really known for being an outspoken player who appeared on the press in a regular basis. He preferred to be more of a discreet character trying to keep himself and his family away from the spotlight as much as possible.

Chivu however, made his voice be heard in relation to the passing away of his father as the former Inter Milan player recently talked about how it has been to not have his dad in over 15 years.

“I learned a lot from my dad. I had the chance to grow up. I have learned what love, loyalty, ambition, work and sacrifice are. I have argued and fought with my dad, but the education that I received from him was important. I hope to have a boy to make him a footballer and give him the education my father gave me”Chivu said.

For a player who was so restrained from being in the spotlight during his playing career, for Chivu to express his feelings to the world is something very significant and passionate that the Romanian retiree displayed.