WMG Audio Copyright Workaround ( LEGAL )

First of all, it takes TIME for your audio to arrive back. Sorry if your movies are acquiring blocked simply because of Video copyright statements, I don’t believe there’s nearly anything you can do about it. This only assists if the problem is your AUDIO (audio especially) on your videos. Now onto how to really get the audio again. 1) Go to “My Videos”. 2) Decide on “See Copyright Info” on the video clip you are getting copyright issues with. OR, go to the video alone and decide on “View Copyright Info” from there. 3) Scroll down and pick the solution “I want to understand far more about this dispute process”. 4) Scroll down and choose the choice “Take me to the dispute form”. five) Select choice #two and PASTE the following assertion into the text bar following to it “Copyright Disclaimer Below Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “honest use” for functions this sort of as criticism, comment, information reporting, instructing, scholarship, and research. Honest use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-revenue, instructional or individual use suggestions the balance in favor of honest use.” 6) Fill out the rest of the information on the page. Use your Real name wherever it asks for it. Pick “Continue” when all info has been crammed out. 7) Scroll down on the up coming page and choose “Submit dispute”. Inside of 2-3 minutes your video’s audio really should be again! Occasionally this will not work. This copyright covers 99% of copyrighted enjoyment. Also, this will ONLY use if you are not generating any profit off
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25 thoughts on “WMG Audio Copyright Workaround ( LEGAL )

  1. it bypassed the WMG block but now my video is muted. Tell me if it works? Thanks a lot. The video is on my channel. let me know if it has sound

  2. works for a few hours then the audio gets muted again like most people experience with this method. Tips/help?

  3. Nicely done, not only did it work fine (after a forced refresh of the page) but I also know now a nice and useful quote.

    Thanks allot mate!

  4. this method works!! i used it to restore audio on my Dime Le Monde video!
    thanks dude! :))

  5. @Perkyguy Warner Brothers Entertainment…
    Does that sound similar to WMG? I don’t think so…


  6. @crzymike13 so do you have a suggestion on what to do when video material is blocked?

  7. @crzymike13 The solution you posted is only for “matched third party content/ audio only, right? What about if your video has been flat-out worldwide blocked? And you have claims over both the visual and audio features.

  8. cheers man, this worked a treat. Sound now back up and running. And for all those who are wondering about Sony etc This may or may not work depending on the country the company is based in and the country where this law is applicable. For example – WMG, if they are a US company, and the thing you ahve to copy and paste is in the US copyright act, then it will work. If Wmg was a UK company and you tried this, it might not work. Think about company natioanlity before disputing. Hope this helps! 🙂

  9. @JewelMaster100 Thanks for the tip…

    Although, I’m 100% sure this does not work against Sony and UMG… Thats where 2/3 of my strikes came from before they suspended my account… +1 for getting it back? 😀

  10. So I think this method will work against the other record companies aswell, if its been proven to work against EMI for both Audio and Visual content aswell as WMG audio then i’m sure it will work against those other cunts (Sony and UMG).

    By the way EMI are now blocking all videos that feature their content in them just like WMG. Check out the emiamericarecords channel, those assholes are even making their own uploads private causing everydody to hate them.

  11. @crzymike13

    A buddy of mine has recently had some of his videos blocked by both WMG for sound recording and EMI for Audio/Visual on the exact same music videos and has disputed them using this exact method in your video and he’s got his video back up without recieving a strike or any otther copyright bullshit. They have been up for about a month now so I don’t think they’ll be coming down again, they’ve even had the download itunes thing removed off the videos from the record companies.

  12. this is fucking shit no audio fuck that i work for hours to get this. how do i get my music on please send me some tips.

  13. @gangbangerTR And I still have a music channel…
    170+ songs on it and im not down yet… Only 1 warning for something I was testing.

  14. @crzymike13 i had a music channel and I’ve also done so but for some it was deleted and some were still

  15. @gangbangerTR Care to explain THIS video then?

    WMG copyrighted song (All metallica songs are copyrighted by WMG)

    This has been up since 2009… I think thats over a year ago… :O

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