José Mourinho says that winger Eden Hazard is far superior to Cristiano Ronaldo

Chelsea boss José Mourinho says that he is winger Eden Hazard is far superior to that of Cristiano Ronaldo even though the Belgian winger is yet to attain the astronomical figures that Ronaldo consistently brings home.

The former Manchester United winger is the holder of three FIFA Ballon d’Or awards, which is a sign of his superiority in the game. Hazard has just won his first major individual owner in the form of the PFA Player of the Year title. The 24-year-old is yet to deliver consistently the amount of goals that Ronaldo scores on a regular basis.

Despite this, Mourinho thinks that the Belgian winger is more of a complete player than Ronaldo, who is often about scoring goals alone. The major criticism of the Portuguese superstar is that he does not help the team in defence. The criticism also points out to the fact that while Ronaldo’s statistics have improved year-on-year since joining Real Madrid, it has not really helped the Spanish club in terms of titles. Their arch rivals Barcelona have been far more successful with Lionel Messi in the line-up. This is largely because Messi often is a team player while also scoring goals.

Hazard is being moulded by Mourinho to become the best player in the world.“I think he [Hazard] is the best player in our country. The best player in England. You (the Football Writers) voted him too, the best player in the English Premier League. The Premier League is the top competition in the countries, I think he is in the top players.Two years ago we reached the Champions League semi-final but he didn’t play. He didn’t play in (Atletico) Madrid, he played injured at home. So he arrived in that crucial moment not in condition,” said Mourinho ahead of the Community Shield.