Cristian Chivuhas claimed that his team is significantly better than the reigning Juventus

Former Inter Milan defenderCristian Chivuhas claimed that his team, which won the treble in 2010, is significantly better than the reigning Juventus team.

Juventus have won the league title for the last three seasons, but more importantly, they have reached the Champions League final along with a Coppa Italia title. Inter were also serial winners of the league title under the regime of Jose Mourinho and Roberto Mancini, but the biggest achievement came in 2010 after the team won all three major titles available for Italian teams. Juventus have been the closest to match this achievement since then.

The team reached the final of the Champions League 2015 where they were beaten by Barcelona. Even though this is a major disappointment, the club had already won the league title and the Coppa Italia. Considering this narrow margin of defeat, comparisons have arose between this Juventus team and the 2010 Inter Milan. After having recently announced his retirement from football, Cristian Chivu stated that his team were undoubtedly better. The 34-year-old played little football towards the later years of his career, as he was plagued by persistent injury problems. However, he was a key member in the Jose Mourinho team that went on to win the treble.

He appeared in 33 games in all competitions back then. Whenever Cristian Chivu was unavailable for selection, he was replaced by the legendary Javier Zanetti. Zanetti has also now retired and many of that iconic team have now gone in different ways. “If you were to ask me who would win between my Inter’s treble and the current Juventus team, there is no doubt that we would win,” said the 34-year-old Romanian. Since his move to the San Siro in 2007, Chivu represented Inter in 168 matches before announcing his retirement last season.