Chivu on Mourinho

Christian Chivu has stated that Jose Mourinho is the best coach that he has ever worked with in his career.

He played under him at Inter Milan, and he said that he is the best person when it comes to managing his players.

He said that Mourinho knows how to motivate his players and that he knows how to make them play for him. Chivu said that the Portuguese manager knows how to talk to his players and make sure that they give their best on the pitch.

He said that Jose Mourinho makes you believe as a player that you are the best in the world and that you can beat anyone. He said that it was very easy to play for a manager like this as he does not overcomplicate things.

He said that even when they played against a team such as Barcelona which was superior to them both technically and tactically, he made his players believe that they were the best in the world and that they could win. The results were that they managed to beat the Spanish club and ended up winning the Champions League.

He admitted however that his training sessions were quite tough and that they had to give their best on the training ground. However, the results were worth it, and they managed to win numerous trophies under the Portuguese manager.

He said that he was also a great manager when it comes to strategy. He knew how to make the best use of his players and where to play them on the pitch. He never tried to play a player out of position, and he made sure that the players feel at ease wherever he asked them to play.

For Christian Chivu this is the best manager that he has ever worked with.