Is Christian Chivu interested in becoming a staff member?

Christian Chivu announced his retirement from football on March of 2014, it’s been almost 3 years since that occurred and from there on out, the Romanian retiree has fallen out of the spotlight of the media which is a fairly thing that happens when a player decides to hang their playing boots.

No news, rumors or anything for that matter emerges after a player retires but there has been something involving Christian Chivu which might suggest that Chivu could make a comeback to the world of football and possibly to the eyes of the media as well.

Back on August of 2016, Frank De Boer was appointed as the head coach of Inter Milan and around this same period of time; Christian Chivu stated that he was interested in working as a backroom staff member of Inter Milan along with Frank De Boer.

Unfortunately for Christian Chivu, he never managed to become a staff member as Frank De Boer was sacked only after 3 months in charge.

“I’ve always got Inter in my heart. Frank De Boer’s a friend too and if he needs a hand…” Christian Chivu said as he voiced his desire of making a return to Inter Milan but not as a player, instead as a backroom staff member.

Even though Christian Chivu did not manage to become a staff member of Inter Milan, he still showed interest in making a return to the world of football as the Romanian retiree wants to play a more active role and from the looks of it, Chivu wants to do it with his former club Inter Milan which is the club that he managed to lift many prestigious trophies including: The UEFA Champions League, Serie A and many others.