Chivu wants Inter return

Former Inter Milan defender Christian Chivu wants to return to Inter Milan as part of Frank De Boer staff. He believes that he can bring his experience of top level football in the team, but he has yet to speak about De Boer.

Frank De Boer has been appointed as the new coach for Inter Milan for a period of three years. He said that his objective is to get Inter Milan back at the top of the table and make sure that they challenge Juventus for the Serie A title. For De Boer, there has not been a worthy challenger for Juventus during recent years, and it is his objective to improve Inter Milan to make them capable of rivaling Juventus.

Chivu said that Inter Milan has always been an important team for him ever since he played for them and that he will gladly offer his help if it is needed. He said that he has spent some good time playing for Inter Milan and that he will do everything he can in order to help the team return to their glory days.

De Boer may have some trouble adapting to Italian football because of the language barrier, and this is where Cristian Chivu might come in handy. The latter said that he will gladly offer his help to Frank De Boer if ever he needs it. He said that at the moment there is no contact with the club, but he will reply yes if ever there is an offer coming his way.

At the moment Cristian Chivu is on holiday with his family in Spain and said that he does not want to think about football. He seeks to spend some time with his closed ones and will consider any offer in due course.