Christoph Daum has made his plans for the Romanian national football team known to the Football Association, according to reports.

The German tactician was recently hired to set the country back in the right path after their poor Euro 2016 run.

Daum won the German Bundesliga and was set to take over the German national team until a controversy prevented him. The Romanian Football Association had presented the 62-year old to the country as the messiah to restore them into the right path. He was asked to make plans that will take the country’s football forward. Daum takes over from former coach Anghel Iordanescu whose contract the Football Association refused to renew after a review of the performance of the national team at the continental tournament.

Romania lacked leaders like former Inter Milan defender Christian Chivu or real talented play makers that could turn things around for the team. Iordanescu did his best qualifying the team for the tournament but the team could only garner a point from the group stage. They lost two games and played a draw, ensuring they crashed out at the group stage.

Daum becomes the first coach of the national team since 1930. It is also an opportunity to restore his coaching reputation. He won the German League back in 1992 with Stuttgart and finished first runner up four years later with Bayern Leverkusen. He was widely expected to take over the national team of Germany but he was dropped as there were reports that he was using heavy drugs, cocaine specifically. The country didn’t want bad reputation; hence they went with another option. He has coached teams in Turkey, Cologne and Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga, even though he got relegated with Frankfurt in 2011. The German has proposed a number of changes that the team would undergo ahead of qualifications for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.