Will Chivu ever play in the Premier League?

What if Cristian Chivu played for Liverpool in the Barclays Premier League when the English team tried to sign him in 2011? What would be the odds of signing the Romanian star? These questions sprung up as some Italian Serie A stars are rumoured to be bound for the EPL.

Among them is his Internazionale teammate Wesley Sneijder. Chivu will be a big catch for any club in Europe. However, getting his services will be difficult. Chivu is a person known for his loyalty to his mother club. He once stated that he wants to retire as an Interista. Inter Milan rewarded his loyalty by offering him three more years on his contract. Although three years is not that long in football nowadays. If Liverpool or any other European clubs are still interested in signing him, they would have to wait until 2015 before his contract ends.

Chivu has so much to offer. He is a very competitive player and can play in many positions. He can be an effective center back, a defensive midfielder, or a left back. His tenacity and physical approach are things that are worth watching. Even if his team loses, you will surely love Chivu’s passion of the game.

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Chivu, at 32 years old, can be considered a veteran whose leadership is solidified by his international exposure. He’s had big games during his stay with top European teams like Ajax, AS Roma, and Inter Milan. Stints with football clubs in the EPL would definitely progress his career. A renowned football star moving from one great league to another would surely become a big story. Seeing Chivu in EPL may seem unlikely at this time but for now, let us just enjoy the energy that he shares with Inter Milan.