9 thoughts on “Slovenia – Romania 1-2 (First Goal Tamas)

  1. spl have a shit league, unknown over the world haha, and its obvious rangers are always going to win.

  2. Im gutted he wont be coming to parkhead. I watched him in the euros with romania and he was fantastic. now were stuck with caldwell again

  3. We need gabriel. Him and McManus(or bobo?)
    Our defence = Solid as a rock, unlike the defence fay the old folks home known as ibrox. Which is as leaky as there own bladders:L
    Hail! Hail! Gabriel. He is class and is welcome 2 sign.

  4. Dont even think about going to any other club then Celtic. 60,000 at every home game and garunteed champions leage football, also a state of the art training complex

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