Inter Milan defender Cristian Chivu has said that there is no truth in the reports linking him with the arch rivals of Inter Milan – AC Milan. There have been reports recently suggesting that Cristian Chivu would be open to a move to AC Milan in the summer. Players moving between Inter Milan and AC Milan is certainly not new, but the prospect of one of the Inter Milan veterans moving to AC Milan would be a great prospect indeed. However, Cristian Chivu has said that he has still not decided the potential place he would move to in the summer when his contract expires.

Cristian Chivu also seemed to suggest that he would be willing to stay at Inter Milan provided he comes to an agreement with his current club. The Romanian defender revealed that Inter Milan have tabled an offer for him. It remains to be seen if he will be willing to extend his association with Inter Milan even further. There were initial reports linking him with various high-profile clubs across Europe including the likes of Real Madrid and Ajax. However, following the interest, it seems that Inter Milan have realised his value and are looking to keep him at the San Siro.

“That was just something the media concocted, and by no coincidence it was right before the derby. That was wrong and totally untrue. Nobody spoke to the club, to me or anyone else about that. And it’s not going to happen. It’s all made up and I’m not even interested. My agent and the club have decided they will discuss it in February,” Chivu was quoted as saying by Inter Channel. Inter Milan have made a solid recovery from their poor position earlier in the season. They are now challenging for a Champions League position.

Currently attached to Barcelona. After the summer transfer window, (IN) Di Maria and Chivu ! \m/ (OUT) Jeffren, Maxwell and lots more HAHA.

At present attached to Barcelona. Following the summer season transfer window, (IN) Di Maria and Chivu ! \m/ (OUT) Jeffren, Maxwell and lots far more HAHA. – by FeeqGeek (Syafiq Aniq)