De Boer was the best

Christian Chivu has stated Frank de Boer should have been given more time at the head of Inter Milan.

The Dutch manager was sacked at the beginning of November for a run of four defeats. Christian Chivu believes that the Inter Milan owners have made a mistake by sacking the manager as he was the right person to manage the club.

The former Inter Milan player believes that Frank de Boer was the right person at Inter Milan. He said that de Boer has plenty of experience as a player and has what it takes to manage at the highest level. He believes that he should be given more time to build a team that will be able to challenge the likes of Juventus and Roma at the head of the table.

Christian Chivu said that other clubs such as Juventus and Napoli are better structured than Inter Milan and Frank de Boer was never going to change that in a short time. He believes that the owners should have provided resources first and then assess the coach. (more…)


Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has accused the Red Devils set-up of commitment issues as the team struggles to make as much impact as expected this term.

The Portuguese tactician is obviously frustrated at the players and called them out publicly of recent.

“Smalling doesn’t fell he can play 100 percent with his pain. Shaw told me this morning he was not in the condition to play so we had to build a defensive line. There is a difference between the brave that will be there at any cost and the ones that a little pain can make a difference,” Mourinho said despite the victory against Swansea before the international break.

Mourinho would easily remember when he had players that were ready to go all the way for him during his Porto days. Mourinho had a team that was hungry for success, and it was obvious at the extent that they would go. When Inter Milan did the treble in 2010, the team’s drive, concentration and sacrifice obviously ensured they were crowned champions all over. (more…)


Christian Chivu confessed that the Serie A game between Roma and Inter Mila was “beautiful.”

The former AS Roma and Inter Milan star, despite being retired, follows the Serie A keenly. Roma defeated Inter Milan 2-1 to move up to the third position in th league.

Inter Milan thrashed defending champions Juventus, and Roma have defeated Inter. Happenings suggest that there could be a new Serie A champions this term. Despite the loss of Inter, Chivu opines that the side would end the term well.
“The match was really beautiful, although it could have ended with a bigger result in regard to the chances. They are two teams still looking for balance,” Chivu told SportItalia.

The former Belgium international started his career in his native country, before moving to Ajax in 1999. He played for Roma from 2003 till he joined Inter in 2007. Chivu said he saw a strong potential from the Inter squad.
“Inter are still finding difficulties, but I saw their potential. I can say that they’ll make life difficult for others.”

Chivu wants Inter return

Former Inter Milan defender Christian Chivu wants to return to Inter Milan as part of Frank De Boer staff. He believes that he can bring his experience of top level football in the team, but he has yet to speak about De Boer.

Frank De Boer has been appointed as the new coach for Inter Milan for a period of three years. He said that his objective is to get Inter Milan back at the top of the table and make sure that they challenge Juventus for the Serie A title. For De Boer, there has not been a worthy challenger for Juventus during recent years, and it is his objective to improve Inter Milan to make them capable of rivaling Juventus.

Chivu said that Inter Milan has always been an important team for him ever since he played for them and that he will gladly offer his help if it is needed. He said that he has spent some good time playing for Inter Milan and that he will do everything he can in order to help the team return to their glory days. (more…)


Christoph Daum has made his plans for the Romanian national football team known to the Football Association, according to reports.

The German tactician was recently hired to set the country back in the right path after their poor Euro 2016 run.

Daum won the German Bundesliga and was set to take over the German national team until a controversy prevented him. The Romanian Football Association had presented the 62-year old to the country as the messiah to restore them into the right path. He was asked to make plans that will take the country’s football forward. Daum takes over from former coach Anghel Iordanescu whose contract the Football Association refused to renew after a review of the performance of the national team at the continental tournament.

Romania lacked leaders like former Inter Milan defender Christian Chivu or real talented play makers that could turn things around for the team. Iordanescu did his best qualifying the team for the tournament but the team could only garner a point from the group stage. They lost two games and played a draw, ensuring they crashed out at the group stage.


Romania head into the Euro 2016 tournament in France with a leaderless crop of players.

Ever since the likes of Cristian Chivu and Adrian Mutu retired from international football, supporters have watched the current crop churn out dismal performances. Romania is set to take on France, Albania and Switzerland in Group A at Euro starting in a few days.

Romania would have it difficult qualifying from the group though there are expectations that they qualify for the next round at the continental tournament. The results of the pre tournament warm up games were not very impressive, playing a 1-1 draw against DR Congo before losing 4-3 to Ukraine in Italy last month. The two results broke the hearts of the fans and revealed the team’s limiting abilities. It brought back the fears ahead of their opener with France on June 10.

Their star player Cordoba’s Florin Andone was amazing at the second tier of Spanish football, scoring 21 goals last season. He has attracted several from La Liga clubs ahead of next season. The 23-year-old is hungry and always ready to put up a fight. He has had a rapid rise moving from third tier football in 2014 since getting promotion to Cordoba’s first team. Manager Anghel Iordanescu will be hoping he brings his best in France. (more…)


Retired 35-year old legend, Christian Chivu might pick up the managerial career after retiring from active football for sometime now.

The Romania International was 22 years old when he appeared in the users’ Team of The Year in 2002. The talented left back left active football in 2013/2014 while paying for FC Internazionale Milano due to recurrent foot injury.

He and the club agreed to terminate his contract early due to his absence from the team’s affairs due to injury. He had retired from international football in 2011 but the injury forced him out early. In the statement released during his retirement, the former Ajax and Roma player said:

“I would like to thank all the clubs I have played for, first for their trust in me and also because they have offered me the opportunity to develop and grow in various countries and cities, which helped me become a better person.

“I thank all the supporters of the teams I have played with, as without their support and endless passion, our victories would not have been possible. I have always respected and honored the history and the tradition of all the clubs I played for.

“I have entered the football world as a child, a dreamer with a lot of ambition – I leave it with a few gray hairs, many scars and the conviction that my heart is where it belongs, even if I have always gave it to the teams I played with. (more…)

Roberto Mancini is not leaving Inter Milan anytime soon

Roberto Mancini is not leaving Inter Milan anytimesoRumors have recently been spreading around involving the potential departure of Roberto Mancini from Inter Milan as the Italian coach was being viewed as someone who can replace and follow the footsteps of Arsene Wenger.

Mancini is an experienced manager who has taken charge of top European clubs such as: Manchester City, Fiorentina and his current side Inter Milan. From the looks of it, he has caught the eye of Arsenal as reports were linking him with a move to the Emirates Stadium but there rumors were shut down by the sporting director of Inter Milan and also by the vice-president of the club, Javier Zanetti, even though Betfred have just opened up a market on Mancini possibly moving on this summer.

“We’ve been clear about it as a club and even he wants to stay here. We’re now focusing on the end of the season, which is going to be very challenging, but I think we’ve got all that we need to keep working together.” Former player of Inter Milan, Javier Zanetti said.

Roberto Mancini is highly praised in the Premier League for what he accomplished during his managerial stay as the head coach of Manchester City as he was able to secure the league title with Manchester City and this is something that the English club had not been able to do in over 40 years.

This is the main reason of why Arsenal was keeping close tabs of Roberto Mancini and was recently linked with the Italian coach but from the looks of it, Mancini will be staying put with Inter Milan for a few more years as he does not have any real reason to leave Inter Milan and he has earned the support from the fans as well as the head officials of the club.


Playing versus BATE, Roma was able to secure

Playing versus BATE, Roma was able to secure the one point that they needed to move ahead in Europe, but, still, they found themselves being booed by the home crowd as they were making their way out of the arena.

It was really a far worse performance put on by Roma than what was expected and it could have cost them the knockouts berth if Bayern Leverkusen had managed to win versus Barcelona in a game that was going on in the same duration, but, thankfully, that game proved turned out to be a draw as well and it made sure Roma got through.

Speaking to press, the boss Garcia said, “Yes, we know it was not one of our best performances, but, the job was done which is the most important thing. We had a lot of shots on target and when you are doing that, it means the squad is doing alright.”

“You see how many guys are out of the side with injuries. I was clearly short of options. I was looking to take off Edin, but, it was not possible. I did not have anyone to send out there to play in his position.”

“It was one of the primary goals that we had set, to make the Round of 16 in Europe and that’s done. It’s all positive at the moment. The mid season transfer window, we will be doing some business and will be able to add some depth to the squad.” (more…)

José Mourinho says that winger Eden Hazard is far superior to Cristiano Ronaldo

Chelsea boss José Mourinho says that he is winger Eden Hazard is far superior to that of Cristiano Ronaldo even though the Belgian winger is yet to attain the astronomical figures that Ronaldo consistently brings home.

The former Manchester United winger is the holder of three FIFA Ballon d’Or awards, which is a sign of his superiority in the game. Hazard has just won his first major individual owner in the form of the PFA Player of the Year title. The 24-year-old is yet to deliver consistently the amount of goals that Ronaldo scores on a regular basis.

Despite this, Mourinho thinks that the Belgian winger is more of a complete player than Ronaldo, who is often about scoring goals alone. The major criticism of the Portuguese superstar is that he does not help the team in defence. The criticism also points out to the fact that while Ronaldo’s statistics have improved year-on-year since joining Real Madrid, it has not really helped the Spanish club in terms of titles. Their arch rivals Barcelona have been far more successful with Lionel Messi in the line-up. This is largely because Messi often is a team player while also scoring goals. (more…)

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