Roberto Mancini is not leaving Inter Milan anytimesoon

Roberto Mancini is not leaving Inter Milan anytimesoRumors have recently been spreading around involving the potential departure of Roberto Mancini from Inter Milan as the Italian coach was being viewed as someone who can replace and follow the footsteps of Arsene Wenger.
Mancini is an experienced manager who has taken charge of top European clubs such as: Manchester City, Fiorentina and his current side Inter Milan. From the looks of it, he has caught the eye of Arsenal as reports were linking him with a move to the Emirates Stadium but there rumors were shut down by the sporting director of Inter Milan and also by the vice-president of the club, Javier Zanetti.
“We’ve been clear about it as a club and even he wants to stay here. We’re now focusing on the end of the season, which is going to be very challenging, but I think we’ve got all that we need to keep working together.” Former player of Inter Milan, Javier Zanetti said.
Roberto Mancini is highly praised in the Premier League for what he accomplished during his managerial stay as the head coach of Manchester City as he was able to secure the league title with Manchester City and this is something that the English club had not been able to do in over 40 years.
This is the main reason of why Arsenal was keeping close tabs of Roberto Mancini and was recently linked with the Italian coach but from the looks of it, Mancini will be staying put with Inter Milan for a few more years as he does not have any real reason to leave Inter Milan and he has earned the support from the fans as well as the head officials of the club.


Playing versus BATE, Roma was able to secure

Playing versus BATE, Roma was able to secure the one point that they needed to move ahead in Europe, but, still, they found themselves being booed by the home crowd as they were making their way out of the arena.

It was really a far worse performance put on by Roma than what was expected and it could have cost them the knockouts berth if Bayern Leverkusen had managed to win versus Barcelona in a game that was going on in the same duration, but, thankfully, that game proved turned out to be a draw as well and it made sure Roma got through.

Speaking to press, the boss Garcia said, “Yes, we know it was not one of our best performances, but, the job was done which is the most important thing. We had a lot of shots on target and when you are doing that, it means the squad is doing alright.”

“You see how many guys are out of the side with injuries. I was clearly short of options. I was looking to take off Edin, but, it was not possible. I did not have anyone to send out there to play in his position.”

“It was one of the primary goals that we had set, to make the Round of 16 in Europe and that’s done. It’s all positive at the moment. The mid season transfer window, we will be doing some business and will be able to add some depth to the squad.” (more…)

José Mourinho says that winger Eden Hazard is far superior to Cristiano Ronaldo

Chelsea boss José Mourinho says that he is winger Eden Hazard is far superior to that of Cristiano Ronaldo even though the Belgian winger is yet to attain the astronomical figures that Ronaldo consistently brings home.

The former Manchester United winger is the holder of three FIFA Ballon d’Or awards, which is a sign of his superiority in the game. Hazard has just won his first major individual owner in the form of the PFA Player of the Year title. The 24-year-old is yet to deliver consistently the amount of goals that Ronaldo scores on a regular basis.

Despite this, Mourinho thinks that the Belgian winger is more of a complete player than Ronaldo, who is often about scoring goals alone. The major criticism of the Portuguese superstar is that he does not help the team in defence. The criticism also points out to the fact that while Ronaldo’s statistics have improved year-on-year since joining Real Madrid, it has not really helped the Spanish club in terms of titles. Their arch rivals Barcelona have been far more successful with Lionel Messi in the line-up. This is largely because Messi often is a team player while also scoring goals. (more…)

Cristian Chivuhas claimed that his team is significantly better than the reigning Juventus

Former Inter Milan defenderCristian Chivuhas claimed that his team, which won the treble in 2010, is significantly better than the reigning Juventus team.

Juventus have won the league title for the last three seasons, but more importantly, they have reached the Champions League final along with a Coppa Italia title. Inter were also serial winners of the league title under the regime of Jose Mourinho and Roberto Mancini, but the biggest achievement came in 2010 after the team won all three major titles available for Italian teams. Juventus have been the closest to match this achievement since then.

The team reached the final of the Champions League 2015 where they were beaten by Barcelona. Even though this is a major disappointment, the club had already won the league title and the Coppa Italia. Considering this narrow margin of defeat, comparisons have arose between this Juventus team and the 2010 Inter Milan. After having recently announced his retirement from football, Cristian Chivu stated that his team were undoubtedly better. The 34-year-old played little football towards the later years of his career, as he was plagued by persistent injury problems. However, he was a key member in the Jose Mourinho team that went on to win the treble. (more…)

Roberto Mancini ended his managerial career with Inter Milan

Roberto Mancini ended his managerial career with Inter Milan back in May of 2008 after the coach was able to win 3 successive Serie A titles as well 2 Coppa Italia and 2 SupercoppaItaliana. It took him 4 years to secure all of these pieces of silverware and this period of time was a memorable one for Mancini and Inter Milan as the Italian side was the best team in Italy.

Things have slowly begin to fall apart for Inter Milan as they have struggled trying to win major titles in these past few years. Mancini was even called back as he made his return to the Giuseppe Meazza with hopes of turning Inter Milan into the dominant club that they once were some years ago.

The 50 year old Italian manager is well aware that things have changed ever since he left Inter Milan and making a return to the club is a big challenge as there are many things that need to be done.

“It’s not easy at this moment. It’s not easy because we are working very well, but the results are so-so, and, you know, Inter is a top club. The supporters want to win every game. At this moment it’s difficult, and this is a very big challenge for me. To come back to Inter is the biggest challenge,”  Inter Milan’s Roberto Mancini said.

Inter Milan is positioned in the middle section of the Italian League standings after having secured 41 points in 30 matches, it’s not the most impressive record of the club as they have struggled trying to snatch consistent victories. (more…)

Loredana Chivu & Cristina Pucean – Club 66 Torino)2

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Roberto Mancini’s return to Inter Milan

Roberto Mancini’s return to Inter Milan has not gone exactly as planned as the coach who managed to win the Serie A title for 3 successive years with Inter Milan back in 2005 is now struggling trying to seal victories on a consistent basis.

There only are 2 months remaining until the end of the Serie A and the champions of Italy are announced. Inter Milan is positioned in the 10th spot of the Italian League and it seems very far-fetched to believe that they will be competing in the Champions League in the upcoming season.

Inter Milan’s latest results has seen them losing against Sampdoria while only being able to draw with Cesena and Napoli in their previous Serie A matches.

The Italian coach has admitted in saying that he did not know it was going to be this difficult but is confident that he return Inter Milan to their former glory days, however its going to take time to make it happen.

“When I arrived I thought it would be difficult, but I didn’t know it was going to be so hard. But my first Inter team had a complete squad; this is different.’’

“Ferguson worked for seven years to create his Manchester masterpiece. Inter maybe don’t need seven but Inter will need a bit of time and patience.I’m not a magician. We have to work hard, while in Italy you want everything immediately. However, we have to start again from scratch.’’ Inter Milan’s Roberto Mancini told Italian media. (more…)

Inter-Bologna, l’addio di Cristian Chivu a San Siro

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Fault Lacatus la Chivu, 1999, by Cristi Otopeanu

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Romania will win the Qualification Ticket to 2016 Euro Cup

Romania are well on their way on securing a qualification ticket to the next rounds of the 2016 Euro’s as the nation is currently located at the top of Group F with 10 having been secured and not a single match lost so far. Northern Ireland are following them closely behind with 9 points.

Even with the superb qualification campaign that Romania is going through, their head coach, AnghelIordanescu believes that he could use some additional help and he will try to persuade Mirel Radoi and Stefan Radu on coming out of their international retirement in order to help their country out in this process.

MirelRadoi is a 33 year old defender who retired from playing with Romania back in 2010 but he still remains being an active player as he performs with Al Ahli in the United Arab Emirates meanwhile Stefan Radu is 28 and perform for the Italian side Lazio. (more…)

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